Easy Excel Password Recovery

  Only : $ 29.95

 Forgotten your Microsoft Excel password and can't open your file? Use Easy Excel Password Recovery
 to recover lost or forgotten Excel workbook or worksheet protected passwords to open or modify your
 It works to decrypt the workbook or worksheet password with alternative methods-by custom mode to
 decrypt your password. If you have any idea about password's numbers, characters, letters, space,
 brackets etc you think that were contained or guess the password's length etc. The program will
 generate massive possible symbols combinations exhaustively, checking one-by-one in order to find
 the right password.
 More, it also can decrypt with password dictionary- the program finds passwords by using special word
 lists, all provided passwords are checked. You can get Dictionaries (word lists) on the Internet.
 Want to remove the Excel workbook or worksheet password protection? Use the tool, it can help you
 remove the password protection to open and modify Excel without any restrictions.
Advance Features:

   Powerful functions and easy to use.
   Wizard user-friendly interface helps you to find the best way to decrypt password.
   100% guarantee of decryption regardless of password used.
   Very high decryption rate.
   Remove restrictions on opening, modifying etc.
   Particular password template.
   Large wordlist dictionary.

   Automatically open the output file when finished.
System Requirements:
     733 Mhz Pentium ll CPU or higher;
   128 MB RAM Memory or higher;
   20 MB free hard drive space
   Windows/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/win7
   Adobereader 7 or above, or highter,if you control about pdf file